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You have to using quality products, i started to use air brush make up as following the development of camera and video now filming in High definition  cosmetics on the market cant give the flawless results that a bride craves. using Air Base air brush as a base delivers a flawless finish that lives up to the scrutiny of the HD camera and video ....   Ensuring  your make up will last for your whole wedding day through to your wedding night. 

Why Air Brush?
The spraying of product onto the skin has several benefits for both the client and the make up artist and has become the choice of hollywood celebrities and film and TV make-up artists over the past few years. Airbase is used by sky on the movie St Trinians 2 and on the stage production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Flawless finish 
When you couple airbrushing with silicone, the result is an absolutely flawless finish. The fine application enhances the skin, giving a glow ,rather than completely masking the skin. this allows for a stunning, dewy natural finish that can be built up if necessary.

Non -Clogging 
Airbrushing helps to prevent the clogging of pores. When we spray the product the fine application sits on top of the skin and does not penetrate into the pores. 

Tiny Particles 
Airbrushing a product atomises it, breaking it in to tiny particles down to tiny beads invisible to the naked eye. This method gives a fine and smooth application with out brush or sponge marks. it is these tiny particles that make it perfect for HD Photos and video.

                            Before                                                After